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Erik Morales: In Defense of Tricolor
By David A. Avila,, 17 Mar 2005
Erik Morales harbors a mean streak inside that borders on sadism. Remember his taunting pose over a defeated fighter two years ago? Though most see the Tijuana gladiator on his best behavior, at times the dark side of Morales pierces through like a push-button knife in a street fight. He loves co  Read Full Story >>>

Pacquiao earns unlikely payday to face Morales
By Robert Morales, Whittier Daily News, 17 Mar 2005
Muhammad, in some ways, reminds one of Don King. He's a boxing promoter who can go on and on at a news conference, and he's boastful. "What I tried to explain to my kid, he is not a pay-per-view fighter, nor should he be making close to $2 million for a single fight,' Muhammad said last week. "But   Read Full Story >>>

Smitty's Corner!
By James Smith,, 17 Mar 2005
Charlie Malloy (played by Rod Steiger) “ Look kid, how much you weigh? When you weighed one hundred and sixty eight pounds you were beautiful. You coulda been another Billy Conn and that skunk we got you for a manager, he brought you along too fast.” Terry Malloy (played by Marlon Brando) “ It wa  Read Full Story >>>

By Salven L. Lagumbay,, 17 Mar 2005
Removing themselves of their nationalistic tendencies, three of the country's best boxing referees who had worked on Manny Pacquiao's previous fights yesterday unanimously voted for the Filipino ring icon to tear apart the Mexican legend Erik Morales when they clash this Sunday at the MGM Grand Gard  Read Full Story >>>

Pacquiao-Morales Final Presser!
By Trinidad Guzman,, 17 Mar 2005
Erik “El Terrible” Morales, 47-2, (34) and Manny Pacquiao, 39-2-2, (30) held their final press conference today at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, promoting their highly anticipated mega-showdown scheduled for this Saturday March 19th. Before either fighter took the stand to speak about their upcomi  Read Full Story >>>

Morales tells Pacquiao to put up or shut up
By Norm Frauenheim, The Arizona Republic, 17 Mar 2005
LAS VEGAS - Only the threat of an F-15 fighter jet could bring down Erik Morales. Morales, rarely off his feet in a major fight, was in a private plane that was forced to land Tuesday in Nogales. Immigration authorities ordered Morales' Lear Jet to land as it crossed the border, en route fro  Read Full Story >>>

Fame, fortune the prize in this weekend's fight
By George Diaz, Orlando Sentinel, 17 Mar 2005
They are icons in their respective countries, two might-mites who share a passion for delivering punches at a frenetic pace. Erik "El Terrible" Morales is a hero in Mexico, longing to be revered as the best fighter in his country despite the lingering stains of a blood war rivalry with Marco Anto  Read Full Story >>>

Morales-Pacquiao Final Press Conference
By Teddy Molina,, 17 Mar 2005
LAS VEGAS, NV- Manny Pacquiao (39-2-2, 31KO's), of the Philippines and Erik Morales (47-2, 34KO's), of Tijuana, met the media on Wednesday for the final press conference before Saturday's highly anticipated Super Featherweight. Pacquiao arrived Monday amid hordes of Phillipine supporters already  Read Full Story >>>

Arum Extols The Loyalty of Morales
By Ronnie Nathanielsz,, 17 Mar 2005
Top Rank Chairman Bob Arum who together with Murad Muhammad of M&M Sports is putting together the epic showdown between Erik "El Terrible" Morales and Manny Pacquiao this Saturday extolled the virtues of loyalty shown by the former three-time world champion in the midst of a word war between Murad a  Read Full Story >>>

Morales Camp: 'Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!'
By Ronnie Nathanielsz,, 17 Mar 2005
Mexican promoter and handler of Erik "El Terrible" Morales, Fernando Beltran, yesterday angrily challenged the camp of Ring Magazine and IBA featherweight champion Manny Pacquiao to "put your money where your mouth is" and laid a $100,000 bet on the line to back up his words but Pacquiao's trainer F  Read Full Story >>>

Will The Morales Magic Curse Pacquiao?
By Jim Amato,, 17 Mar 2005
The day the bout between Erik Morales and Manny Pacquiao was announced I just felt that Erik was going to come out on top. Why ? At that time I'm not sure. Just a gut feeling I guess. I knew that Erik had just lost a legitimate decision to Marco Antonio Barrera. I knew that Manny had nearly put Juan  Read Full Story >>>

Mad, mad Murad Muhammad!
Pacman’s promoter speaks out!

By Chris Cozzone,, 17 Mar 2005

“You can’t slay my good name! I have a looonnng track record of producing the IM-possible! It’s about in-GEN-ooooo-uity! CON-tin-ooooo-ity! Sin-CERE-ity! CEO’s and company PRES-idents know the integriteee of Murad Muhammad! My fathe  
Read Full Story >>>

Pacquiao-Morales presser!, 17 Mar 2005
Both fighters predicted victory at today's prefight press conference in Las Vegas, but otherwise didn't have a whole lot to say. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At one point, Erik Morales' manager Fernando Beltran stood up and looked toward Mann  Read Full Story >>>

Pacquiao-Morales, Fight of The Year?
By Jack Welsh,, 17 Mar 2005
With the public split over the superb skills of Manny Pacquiao and Erik Morales, it is hard to go wrong when they meet Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas. Both former world champions promise to contribute their share of all-action that could turn HBO’s Pay-Per-View12-rounder of super f  Read Full Story >>>

Inside Sports; Assessing Erik Morales
By Ronnie Nathanielsz,, 17 Mar 2005
While just about every single Filipino both here in the United States as well as back home in the Philippines believes that Ring Magazine featherweight champion Manny Pacquiao is invincible, the general consensus among knowledgeable boxing writers is that this is by no means an easy fight and that i  Read Full Story >>>

Japan stranglehold
By Al S. Mendoza, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 17 Mar 2005
THERE WERE a lot of interesting reactions to my column about the "Asian boxing Mafia" (13/05/05). Mostly, they agreed that Japan seems to have a stranglehold of big fights involving Asians, mostly Filipinos and Thais. One reader went one step farther: Japanese champions don't get out of their cou  Read Full Story >>>

By Matthew Sanderson,, 17 Mar 2005
Not since the late ‘70s to the early ‘80s have we seen so many outstanding combatants gathered together in the 122-130 pound region. Salvador Sanchez, Wilfredo Gomez, Carlos Zarate, Azumah Nelson, Lupe Pintor. The list goes on. Classic fights such as Salvador Sanchez v Azumah Nelson, Wilfred  Read Full Story >>>

Has Morales bitten off more than he can chew?
By Rob Scott,, 17 Mar 2005
Boxing has always been a fickle sport; views on fighters change with just one punch. One bout can change the perception of a fighter from a king to a mere peasant. To a weak-minded fighter, one bout could knock them off of their virtual horse, with them never to emotionally remount again. True champ  Read Full Story >>>

Morales-Pacquiao: Who Will Survive the War?
By Jim Cawkwell,, 17 Mar 2005
The initial objective of boxing’s sanctioning organizations was to instill a sense of order and respectability to the sport. Considering their current impact throughout the industry, the irony of that statement is inescapable. During the course of each boxing year, two distinct strands of reality ma  Read Full Story >>>

Morales vows war vs Pacquiao
By Recah Trinidad, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 17 Mar 2005
LAS VEGAS, Nevada, United States of America -- The frail visitor who showed up late yesterday for a scheduled war against Manny Pacquiao did not look like the Aztec warrior who held three world boxing crowns. Erik Morales, weak of voice and wrapped in a thick blue jacket with its collars stiffly   Read Full Story >>>

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